Podcast Interviews

I have been a guest on several Podcasts on a range of different subjects, mostly concerning the subject area of Confidence and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), you can listen to these episodes below - or by searching in your podcast app for my name.

If you’d like me to feature in your podcast or video platform, just contact me.


GTeX Explode your coaching biz Podcast #64

Episode #64 How To Build Your Confidence From Scratch with Andy Coley

In this episode I chat to host Simone Vincenzi about:

  • How to build your confidence from scratch

  • Why we can be confident in some areas and not confident in others

  • 2 practical NLP tools you can use to have the confidence of a rockstar


Unstoppable Coach Podcast

Episode #47 Business Building through Confidence

I talk to Millette Jones about how you can build your coaching business from scratch, sharing what I’ve learnt over the last 20 years of running my own businesses including:

  • How you have to be the right coach for the right client

  • Great audio logos you can use to introduce yourself to perspective clients

  • How to effectively network whilst you’re out and about

  • Gaining momentum and how this affects what your clients say about you

The website link for the unstoppable coach appears to be offline, you can still hear it on iTunes etc or by
clicking the image/button above.


The Conversation Podcast

Episode #35 I talk to ‘Bird on a Bike’ Sarah-Anne Lucas

I was invited into Channel Radio studios in Kent to chat to Bird about my work as a Confidence expert and how I weave NLP into all of the work that I do.

We chat honestly and openly about my journey and what the future holds.