Who am I?

“I’m a failure”

That was the story I was telling myself back in 2011 when my real journey into the field of human development started, I’d been realising that life wasn’t where I wanted it to be, that my relationships were not right, that I was working too hard and getting nowhere and that my own health and mental capability had suffered as a result.

Actually it had gotten far worse than that, but that’s a story for another day!

So I had to start to get under the surface of what had been going on, where these feelings and stories had come from and how I was living a life with invisible boundaries that I’d constructed into a constraining truth.

Thankfully I’d been coached and introduced into the field of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) by this time and I got fascinated about how you can be in charge of your own outcomes, how those thoughts are able to be altered and what the knock-on effect is into life.

I trained as a Practitioner, Master Practitioner and Trainer of NLP in 2012 where I met the awesome Jo Wilson and founded a partnership that created our Training company, Beyond Training Solutions Ltd. Jo and I have been working together since then to run Accredited NLP training courses in London at Practitioner and Master Practitioner level (www.beyondnlptraining.com) as well as providing in-house training in a wide range of sectors and organisations on topics such as Resilience & Handling Stress, Professional Boundaries, Leadership & Management, Coaching & Mentoring Skills and many more Applied NLP workshops.

Within the wider field of NLP I’ve been involved with organisations such as The Association for NLP (ANLP) and am an Ambassador for them within the London region, supporting the growth of NLP through the ethical and ecological use of the tools within the wide business and coaching world.

I’ve also been a member of the organising committee for the International NLP Conference for the last few years, supporting the ANLP team in bringing a growing and thriving event that brings together the field of NLP to celebrate the diverse range of NLP applications and to network with like-minded individuals who are passionate about raising the standard, research and outcomes for clients and patients.

In 2019 I’ve also been nominated as a finalist in the NLP Awards, within the Healthcare category, celebrating the wide range of work that we carry out with clinical and non-clinical roles through the National Health Service and in private practice.

NLP Awards-Finalist.PNG

Internationally I have been invited to the NLP Leadership Summit to bring a fresh perspective alongside those who have been in the field since the start and from there have forged many International friendships and opportunities around the world to share my NLP journey.

I have spoken several times in Belgrade, Serbia following invites from Slavica Squire and her NLP Institute / Coaching Academy, bringing an international flavour to her outstanding organisation. I’m privileged to call Slavica and her partner Milan both friends and mentors.

The future, is constantly evolving - my life, relationships, family, business and coaching are constantly changing. I got married again in 2016 to an amazing women Sophie who proposed to me on the beach in Blackpool and have a fun and energetic step-son Freddie, a young daughter Megan and have another baby on the way during the Summer of 2019.


Life went from failure to stability to shining bright, all thanks to the power of being able to create and shape my own thoughts, patterns and behaviours.

How do I see me now…I’d say

“I am a shining light”

This is very much a metaphor for how I work, lighting the way for myself and others to see that there is always a path, even in the darkest and stormiest of nights.

Get in touch if I can shine a light for you, your team or your organisation.

Smeaton’s Tower - Plymouth Hoe

Smeaton’s Tower - Plymouth Hoe

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Accredited NLP Trainer (ANLP / AIP)
International Speaker
Clean Language / Clean Space
GoalMapping Practitioner