Media & Articles

Andy has been featured in a number of publications and articles for his work both as an International Trainer in the field of NLP and his work as a the London Ambassador for the ANLP (Association of NLP). He has also featured on a number of podcast episodes and the Channel 4 reality TV show Spies.

Spirit & Destiny Magazine - December 2018

The Spirit & Destiny Magazine have a section called the book that changed my life in which I talk about a book that changed the way I approach life, parenting and more.

Read about what I think of F**k It: The Ultimate Spiritual Way by reading the full article below.

AIP Keystone Newsletter - October 2018

I’ve been accredited with (The Association for Integrative Psychology) since becoming an NLP Trainer in 2012 and in October 2018 I was featured as their featured institution.

They are based from the USA which means that any NLP training is truly Internationally recognised


ANLP Rapport Magazine - Issue 59

My appointment to the ANLP as this London Ambassador was announced in issue 59 (August 2018), joining many well known and respected leaders in the world of NLP to support the work of the ANLP raising the standards and ethics of the NLP profession.


ANLP Rapport Magazine - Issue 59

This article is all about how I’ve love the field of NLP to share knowledge and collaborate more on projects. This came about after a conversation I had with Robert Dilts on how we should ensure the vast knowledge of NLP doesn’t disappear when the creators and founders stop practicing NLP.

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Channel 4 - Spies

I was one of 15 contestants on the Channel 4 show Spies which aired in January 2017 over 4 episodes.

We were trained by former members of MI5, MI6 and GCHQ on the ‘craft’ of spying in the modern world


I co-facilitated a large project for Braintree Community Hospital whilst it was being run by Serco, to help the team communicate better with one another and to bring in a sense of shared unity and purpose to the organisation, this article was published in the staff magazine about the project